Oltrevenere - The Band

Our Band

Oltrevenere are born from the need of artistic expression, that starts from personal contemplation of reality and its truths, to evolve in the representation of it by binding music and poetry.

The songs move around the fulcrum of the idea they want to express, first enclosed in author rhymes, then transformed by the musicians in sounds and melodies, in a kind of emotional language that wants to bring purity and un-pronounced concept.

The band, formed in 2009, is composed by Gianmatteo Raoss (guitars), David Prebianca (drums), Michele Santagiuliana (voice), Manuel Pace (bass).

Oltrevenere are currently working on their debut album, a disc characterized by a powerful sound that blends between rock, punk, and the melody from singer-songwriter, with lyrics that tell, sometimes in an almost hallucinogenic, a topical bleak, marginalization and anger.

Band members

  • Michele Santagiuliana


  • Davide Prebianca


  • Manuel Pace


  • Gianmatteo Raoss